The Entrepreneur's Coach
The Entrepreneur's Coach
Helping you get what you want out of your business

A friend once told me, “You owe it to the rest of us, to get on with what you’re good at”. She was right.


My Story

I was the owner’s kid nobody liked or respected.

At age 18, my dad hired me to help run the family business. He put me in charge of employees who had been with his company for 30 years.  He threw me head first into what I refer to as “a series of jobs I was not at all prepared for” knowing full well that it was what I needed to succeed.  My naïveté and fourth generation birthright gave me false confidence in my ability to solve any issue, tackle any project, and handle any relationship.

I got my ass handed to me, and I deserved it. I was attending the school of hard knocks and didn’t realize that the reward would not be a promotion, but the humility required to eventually coach entrepreneurs like you.

I learned 3 important skills during my 20 years of apprenticeship:

  1. Fail quickly without losing confidence

  2. Operate effectively in complete ambiguity

  3. Focus relentlessly on the biggest opportunities

It’s safe to say that I know all about you, because I am you; Innovative, risk-taking, ambitious, and a visionary. I know what it’s like to sit in your seat, and I also know that you were never fully prepared to handle the business you have created, but here you are and it's time for that to change.  I can help. 

For those of you who need the old fashioned resume for credibility's sake, here it is:


Operations Director Morley candy makers
1998-2008 - 6M to 8M in Annual sales - 65 employees

President/CEO Detroit Chocolat, INc 2010–2014 - $250,000 in revenue in year one - startup company - 3 employees

Educator fraser public schools
2006-2013 - 5000 student district - 330 teachers in union

Entrepreneur coach
Self employed 2014–Present - Average of $300,000 annually in client services/fees