Work "on", not "in" the Box

At the start of every new session with a leadership team, I remind my clients that our work together will focus all our collective efforts ON the organization, not IN the organization. Inevitably, this leads to some strange looks and skeptical questions about what exactly that means. I look forward to this part of the process, because I can see my clients change their mindset quickly and start pulling for the good of the whole, not just what’s best for them personally.

There are 3 things I ask of every team that help them get the most of of our time together -

-1- Forget your role/tile in the organization and focus on acting as a board member would

-2- No politicking. Say what you have to say once, and move on so the entire team can contribute

-3- Stay focused on our work together, your “other” work will be there for you when we finish up

If you and your team are struggling to solve issues, identify the right priorities for the organization, or simply avoiding the difficult work necessary to really get what you want, then EOS might be a good fit for your leadership team. Interested in learning more, let’s set up a 90 minute meeting (

Casey Petz