You Can't Control the Direction of The Wind...

But you can adjust your sails. This was the phrase I read almost everyday as a kid working in the family business. The truth is, those helpful words of wisdom never meant much while I was sweeping floors, fixing machines, and stocking shelves. There’s only so many variables to account for when performing menial tasks, so the direction of the wind wasn’t much of a factor in my daily routine.

As I moved into increasingly more complex areas of the business and take on roles and responsibilities essential to operations, things started to change. I found myself unable to ignore the fact that more often than not, my day was very difficult to plan for manage. Seemingly without fail, some unforeseen issue would pop up to send the best laid plans I could make off the rails. I was frustrated and ineffective.

Upon reflection, I was spending a great deal of time trying to control the direction of the wind - which really never worked. For small business owners and entrepreneurs the temptation is always there to try and control it all, but there is a better way. Adjust your sails, create a solid plan, work on your leadership team’s health, and get some traction on the issues that will help your business the most.