CEOs are People Too

Yes, CEOs actually feel feelings. As difficult as it might be to understand for the average employee, the work of a CEO is often an emotional rollercoaster. The bottom line is that being a CEO is difficult work that often leads to feelings of isolation and regular occurrences of stressful communications with everyone in their orbit. Only a fraction of people on Earth are capable of handling the complexity of the role, let alone run a successful business AND live a balanced life outside of the office. In a recent article in Forbes magazine, contributor Macaela MacKenzie noted -

“Talking about mental health is a conversation entrepreneurs and CEOs may need more than the rest—research suggests that entrepreneurs are significantly more likely to deal with mental health issues. Thirty percent of entrepreneurs surveyed in a recent study led by psychologist and University of California San Francisco professor Michael Freeman, M.D., reported struggling with depression. For context, less than 7% of the general population deals with depression, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.”

Yet, the vast majority of resources, education opportunities, and consultant services are focused on improving the improving the business, not the leaders. We tend to forget that running a business is so much more than a great strategy, a solid team, smooth operations, and clearly defined market. We need leaders that are capable, prepared, and healthy to guide organizations and illuminate the paths to success. It is worth noting that shifting the focus from the working on the business to working on the CEO is something that we just don’t do very often. That sort of thinking is a big leap, but a important one if you are really going to “get what you want” out of your business.

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